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News in the 21st Century

(timings are approximate)
Hour 0: news is created/disseminated from the source

Hours 0-30: people with a direct interest micro-blog (Tweeting, fb-status, etc.), text, and blog about it.

Hours 12-48: people with a secondary interest micro-blog, text, and blog about it.

Hours 24-72: dinosaur print and broadcast media start to disseminate the story.

Why I Hate The Internet

I swear the Internet is robbing me of intelligence. I try to avoid running in the special olympics, but just the very act of reading though and looking at the volume of mediocre crap to find the occasional gem is rotting my mind. It's the mental equivalent of black-lung. Tiny particles of idiocy are piling up in the corners of my mind, forming into dust-bunnies of stupidity. The dunce-bunnies are arming themselves with the armour from pencil-drawn Manga-style anthropomorphic horse and kitty warriors from deviantART.

Housing Rental Ad Glossary for Vancouver Home Hunters

"New York style" = small, overpriced, and the kitchen is in the living room.

"open concept" = the kitchen is in the living room

"garden level" = basement

"no smoking" = landlord is too cheap to paint

"no pets" = landlord is too cheap to change carpets

"sub-penthouse" = nondescript apartment somewhere above the middle of a bee-hive tower

"large/spacious studio" = shoebox

"soundproof" = concrete walls/floors that transmit every pin-drop like someone is bowling in the next apartment


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