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Digital Copies - Giving Away the Negative

When I set up my photo booth in nightclubs I frequently get asked if I can simply send an electronic copy rather than selling the print. This is a problem since I'm typically not making any kind of  wage, only earning from the sale of prints.

It's a Sad State of Affairs

I have pretty low expectations in the integrity and competence of others. I didn't always, but being repeatedly bludgeoned by scenarios like the one that is currently playing out have slowly inverted by approach to other people from one of "benefit of the doubt" to "respect must be earned."


Summary of Qualifications
15 years professional experience in computer technology, with particular emphasis on communication, collaboration and web technologies ● Exceptional English language skills ● Experienced Systems Administrator and IT Manager ● Project management and development skills ● Demonstrated experience in successfully planning, organizing and leading within deadlines and under budget ● Graphic design skills ● Creative problem solver and both a critical and lateral thinker

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