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Sometimes I am a Dink

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I was perusing the forum on Gothic BC the day before yesterday and came across a post that, because of the fairly foul mood I was in a the time, prompted an undiplomatic reply from me, including this line, "self-important addlebrained meat-monkeys trying to skip the line because they've showed up more than once before and their mere presence 'makes' the night," and the closing statement, "Now, just to be clear, I'm not one of the promoters and I don't speak for the promoters. It is strictly my personal opinion that you are a whiney fucktard. I wouldn't be surprised if you actually are one of the obnoxious meat-monkeys."

A short flame war later I moved the thread to the "Don't Feed the Trolls" dumping ground for stupid threads. EDIT 070323: Since the thread has wound up being something more than a flame war I've moved it back to the Clubbing forum Out of curiosity I checked up on the user's IP address and was extremely amused to find that I was bang-on - the whinging fucktard in question is one of the meat-monkeys. I'm not sure which one, exactly, but one of them for certain. I found multiple ads posted from the same IP for porn sites featuring various members of the group.

I hope this doesn't cause anyone any undue problems at the door, considering how obnoxious the meatiest of the monkeys was to magiknat not long ago.

Now it is time to bleach my eyes and go to bed.

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