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Fourteen Kinds of Awesome

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OK, I'm pretty happy with this. The rating feature is working now for the new Gothic BC gallery and damn slick, if I do say so myself.

Below each picture is a row of 10 stars. Click on a star to rate the picture from 1 to 10 (the stars change colour and a number appears to show the rating you've chosen) and then click on the small "submit" button. Your effect on the average rating for the picture will show in the caption box immediately on hitting submit. The top 40 rated pictures can be viewed by clicking the word "rating" beside any pictures rating in the caption box or my clicking the [top] link in the menu.

The nudity filter applies to the top 40 pictures. If it is on, you get the top-40 pictures sans boobage. If it is off then them thar nekkid people from Sin City are included.

Users are prevented from rating the same picture more than once in a preset time span.

I've got the non-alphanumeric sorting issue fixed up, "_dufus_" sorts next to "dork" and "~~dingbat~~" now ;-)

The ability to link to a specific picture is in place now (get the URL by clicking on the picture ID in the caption box) and is vastly better than the old gallery. Now linking to a picture not only opens the picture, but automatically opens the event for the night the picture belongs to and highlights the picture in the thumbnails (automatically scrolling the thumbnail box if there are lots of pictures from that night).

There isn't much left to do now. I should be able to go live with this by next week.

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