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Your Mission If You Choose to Accept It

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The new gallery for Gothic BC is essentially finished now. All the features of the old gallery are there, plus the new rating feature. That's where you come in.

Before I go live with this tomorrow I want the Top 40 (oh, the irony) pictures to be a good sampling of pictures, rated by people other than me. I'd like everyone who has about two minutes to spare (and you wouldn't be reading LJ right now if you didn't have two minutes to spare, so no excuses!) to use the random feature to call up 40 random pictures and rate each of those pictures with 1 (crap) to 10 (bloody brilliant) stars. Feel free to use the "more" button and rate more than one batch. The more "real" ratings the better.

Don't forget that by default the nudity filter is on. To turn it off use the link just below the Gothic BC word-mark.


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