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It's Done!

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I'm positively giddy about this. I got my new, improved three days a week job. My new pay rate (roughly a $10/hr raise) becomes effective tomorrow for three days of the week. For the time being I will still be working five days a week with the other two days at my current rate to cover for a new position that will be handling the routine content management stuff. That position goes in the local paper and on the website today and closes next Wednesday. Depending on when the new person can start, my new hours will kick in sometime in September.

This will bring in enough money to ensure the rent and vital bills are paid. Elaine can continue to work at Art of Adornment full time with no worries about variations in the size of her income stream. I've got four days a week to work my own endeavours. The reduced hours don't affect my benefits — Elaine and I are still covered by extended medical and dental.

I can't overstate how excited I am about this. I've never believed in the all-or-nothing "day job vs. starving artist" binary opposition. I'm firmly opposed to starving.

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