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How I Spent My Birthday

How I spent my birthday, by Michael R. Barrick.

I guiltlessly woke up at the crack of noon with a fierce determination to coast through the day with a minimum of anxiety and the voices of decades of guilt-trips about what I "should" be doing on mute. Grocery shopping had been done the day before. Bills were already paid. One of the nice things about being born on the 31st is that my birthday is also a payday so I was unconcerned about spending the cash in my wallet frivolously.

How I Feel

Being left out, ignored, under- or un- valued, these are the worst things for me, And the more it happens the less I feel I have anything to offer. So I withdraw. And then people forget I am even here. And it spirals down.

Sex and the City

Elaine and I were just watching the first Sex and the City movie and Elaine made a comment about how big "Big" looked.

"He's exactly the same size as me," I said, "Remember when I bid on his suit?"

"Oh, yeah, " she replied, "then she must be tiny,"

And Now Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

OK, time to step back from this meme lunacy, and get back to my usual photography and artwork..

Mr. & Mrs. Barrick

I could easily spend the rest of the day just wading through the gazillion messages in my inbox and not get a thing done, let alone blogging about the wedding. Elaine has posted some thank-you's in her journal and I have set up an FTP account for uploading photos.


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