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That was stressful

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I'm shaking at the moment.

A few weeks ago the superintendent warned us that they going to be sealing up all the bay window openings except one. I told her in no uncertain terms that I was not going to cooperate. A couple days ago we got the notice that they were coming to do the work, so I have been working at home today waiting to defend my apartment. The workmen just came by. I told them, "No." They protested that I legally had to let them in. I told them that I've read the Residential Tenancy Act and no, I wasn't going to let them in. Tempers started to rise. They said that it was a liability problem and that if someone fell out of my window it would be my problem. Well no shit. If someone slips in my bathroom and cracks their head open, that's my fault too. Will the landlord be sealing my bathroom door, too? I'm not going to be sealed into a glass and brick bubble for the sake of hypothetical clumsy guests. If it is my liability I accept it. What's next? Am I going to have to bind the hands and feet of all my guests, have them wrapped in bubble wrap and rolled in on a dolly lest they stub their toes, catch their fingers in a door or bump into a wall? No. Enough. This isn't the straw that broke the camels back, this is a whole damn bale of hay. No more "improvements". No more "renovations".

Maybe if I had received acknowledgement for the letter I sent three months ago about the inconveniences and loss of use of areas of the apartment I might have been a bit more cooperative. If I had received the refund I requested for the inconveniences to date I'd have been a lot more cooperative.

I told the workmen that they can make the changes after I move. I told them it wasn't their fault, they don't know what all has gone on since the fire, but, sorry, they were not coming in. Eventually they got tired of arguing with me and moved on to ruin one the apartments upstairs instead.

If Elaine and I get evicted for this, then so be it. I don't want to live in an apartment where the windows don't open.

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