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99 LuftBallons

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So I talked Evilyn into going to Isaac's new night at 23 West (tentatively named "Netherworld") because I wanted to drink, damnit. I had my usual warm-up quadruple Bombay and tonic as she was on her way over and we headed to Gastown. Because she was still sleep-deprived from her camping trip she wanted coffee so we parked and went to the Starbucks by the steam clock. She got a venti frappuccino, which is pretty much a coffee-slurpie - they're huge. I got my usual double tall latté - doubles are so much more efficient... same amount of caffeine as a grande at a fraction of the price. Coffees in hand we wandered back through the gauntlet of beggars that I really don't miss from when I lived down there and went to the club.

It was pretty quiet, there hasn't been much promotion for this night yet. The music was good though so we hung out for a while. I had a double gin and tonic (because doubles are so much more efficient). After a few moments we realized that effectively what we were doing was sitting around, listening to good music and watching some made-for-TV plane-crash movie on the TV and that this was not exactly a happening night out so we bailed. I felt a tad guilty for not supporting the first potentially decent Saturday night thing in a long time, but I figure I paid for my coat check, tipped, drank, and tipped the bartender - we weren't there long but I did drop $10 into the kitty as it were, which is something.

We headed over to Luv-a-Fair. I haven't been there for a while. Luv-a-Fair makes me feel old. I first set foot in there about 14 years ago and pretty much nothing has changed. There was some kind of Baja Rosa promotion thing going on so we got free shooters when we came in, then I went back to the double gin and tonics. I'm not sure how many I had, five I think, maybe six. Other than this interesting cover of 99 Red Balloons that I hadn't heard before the music was awful. but I had fun nonetheless. Some friends of Evilyn's - Chris, Dionderra and Erin showed up with Jesse and Russ was there as well and the room was full of people to watch and make fun of.

(Momentary sidetrack there... I was chatting with Valerian... now back to your regularly scheduled havering drivel..)

So anyway the highlight of my night was a back-rub from Dionderra. I swear I was actually dizzy when she finished and I so needed it after all this stress. To hell with love, sex or any of that - I just need someone who can give me a good backrub!

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