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Carl Buys Coffee

Carl Buys Coffee

Carl was criminally short and walked with his fists clenched in compensation for his inability to fill space. He swaggered unnoticed in to the café. His right hand opened just long enough to dive into a pocket and envelop a mutilated one dollar bill. In his mind, Carl made a grand gesture and placed the bill on the counter. In the eyes of the well groomed young woman behind the counter, Carl jerked his arm in a short circle, hit his fist against the counter with a sweaty thump, and released the one dollar bill with a spasm of his hand.

The hazards of caffeine addiction

I just spilled coffee on myself. Oops. It could have been worse, fortunately I use a travel mug and it was just a small splatter. Of course I feel like a fool, the walk back from the bathroom with the large wet spot on my shirt from washing out the coffee so it won't stain was particularly embarassing.

Damn. I am turning into an office person.

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99 LuftBallons

So I talked Evilyn into going to Isaac's new night at 23 West (tentatively named "Netherworld") because I wanted to drink, damnit. I had my usual warm-up quadruple Bombay and tonic as she was on her way over and we headed to Gastown. Because she was still sleep-deprived from her camping trip she wanted coffee so we parked and went to the Starbucks by the steam clock. She got a venti frappuccino, which is pretty much a coffee-slurpie - they're huge. I got my usual double tall latté - doubles are so much more efficient...

Two Words...

Ugh, Monday.

It's raining today and despite the fact that I didn't go to Sanctuary last night I still had trouble getting my ass in gear this morning, probably because I was up late Saturday night.

Right now some shmoe is babbling on about picking up hardwood flooring for his condo in a SUV that he rented and how he wants to buy one now. Barf.

Here's today's comic. I've said it before, I'll day it again: there is not enough coffee in the world for Monday mornings.


There is not enough coffee for Monday mornings.

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