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October 2012

Earth Apple

If the world were reduced to the size of an apple, the crust of the earth—the solid ground and seemingly immutable mountains that we take for granted—would be thinner than the apple's skin. Below that, a seething sphere of liquid rock diabolically roiling at a searing 1,000 °C (give or take 300 °C.) In reality our "solid ground" is the pudding skin on fiery death. When it skids a tiny bit or slight wisps of nearly nothing breathe through, these are the disasters that level cities and the magically minded point to as the power of omnipotent gods.

[Gothic BC] Spam and Old Accounts

You may have noticed an increase in posts from evil spam monkeys over the past few weeks, I sure have. The new site update I'm working on will have new and improved spam protection, but in the meantime I've hacked on some new protection that should help prevent these spam accounts from being created in the first place.