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August 2007

Two Conversations Overheard on the Skytrain

Conversation #1 - Overheard about two weeks ago.

[ Young guy with a death-hawk talking on his cell phone ] "Sanctuary? Why would you want to go to Sanctuary? They don't even have a dress code anymore. Sin City is much better. Ordinary people in regular clothes show up at Sanctuary."

My Father's Regiment at Dieppe

I just came across this image of my father's regiment (14th Canadian Army Tank Regiment) at Dieppe. My father was in a tank just like these, possibly even one of these ones shown, and would have certainly known some of the dead men depicted in the picture.

Rigged for Stereo

The second, matching lens I was waiting for arrived today. Using my flash bracket for a mount, I rigged the two identical cameras up in tandem for a test shot. They both trigger with the remote quite nicely, although, as I expected, the synch is nowhere near perfect. I could hear the shutters closing about a quarter second apart. That's not good enough for anything in motion - that's where the Stereo Realist will continue to be useful - but plenty good enough for this sort of thing and anything else where there isn't too much motion. Note that in the test Tharsis is sitting next to me. I've never managed to get a clear shot of a cat using the slide technique (taking two pictures with the same camera), so this is a definite improvement over that.

Science in a Nutshell.

Here are four cards:

The hypothesis has been made that, "All cards with a vowel on one side have an odd number on the other side." 

What card or cards must you turn over to test the hypothesis?