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April 2002

In his deluded world

Reptard is resting on his laurels, claiming victory by truth, peace, love and good vibes rather than emminently creepy and illegal threats. Turns out he thinks I'm Purple Raven - not the first time he's been confused by framesets and LJ/DJ friends pages. I'm going to take Purple Raven off my friends list on DJ to help extract myself. So, in the interest of ass-covering and archiving,

Reptard Gives Up, Too

Looks like we both walked away at the same time. He wrote all of this before looking at my last public post. In fact he hasn't looked at any of my websites at all today (he did spend several hours browsing GothicBC last night though). Anyway, here is his latest:


I don't actually concede anything to Reptard other than dangerous lunacy. I hope everyone is clear on that.

Oringinal post:

To Purple Crow

It's over. You win. No more "critiques" from me.

Oringinal post:


Should I call the cops?
From: "Purple Crow"

Date: Mon Apr 29, 2002 3:44 pm

Subject: LINK: Reminder about Kim McCann and Michael Barrick's recent activities.