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"New York Mulligan" - the dark sequel to "An American in Paris"

[not a musical]

After about a year in Paris, with Lise continuing to work at her perfume shop job and Jerry’s paintings not selling, Jerry convinces Lise to move to New York with him in the hopes that he will be more successful in the burgeoning New York art scene.

For Kim

Carl Buys Coffee

Carl was criminally short and walked with his fists clenched in compensation for his inability to fill space. He swaggered unnoticed in to the café. His right hand opened just long enough to dive into a pocket and envelop a mutilated one dollar bill. In his mind Carl made a grand gesture and placed the bill on the counter. In the eyes of the well groomed young woman behind the counter Carl jerked his arm in a short circle, hit his fist against the counter with a sweaty thump, and released the one dollar bill with a spasm of his hand.

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