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(un)common sense

You May Not Have What We Said You Could Have

Once again I dabbled into the insufferable realm of actually thinking I could get what I asked for from one of the giant telecoms. 

I have an old phablet that I use strictly as a tablet. I don't want or need a phone, but there are no true tablets that meet the "fits in my coat pocket" criteria that makes the device something useful I can carry around all the time. I've been using it for several years now without a valid SIM card, just using WiFi. 

Hazardous Chemicals in the Hands of the Chemically Hazardous

So a well-meaning friend shared a post from one of those "kemikuls r bad / big-pharma keeps us sick for profit / magical diluted fairy water cures cancer" type pages, which in turn was a link from a similarly themed website. The link was to an article titled "3-Ingredient Natural Grout and Tile Cleaner – keeps tiles spotless & grime-free without chemicals" and was presented on the page along with this caption:

A Short Lesson in Chemical Compounds


A short lesson in why freaking out about a "chemical" because it is "derived from" something nasty (or nasty-sounding) or is "similar to" some other chemical, or contains an element or component that would be nasty in some other compound is completely meaningless.

It's a Sad State of Affairs

I have pretty low expectations in the integrity and competence of others. I didn't always, but being repeatedly bludgeoned by scenarios like the one that is currently playing out have slowly inverted by approach to other people from one of "benefit of the doubt" to "respect must be earned."


The 98 year old building I live in is a protected heritage building anomalously surrounded by the sort of overpriced condos and obscenely priced luxury residential hotels (and there is a certain irony that this building was a luxury residential hotel 98 years ago and is still zoned as such). While the building is fabulous, one of the draw-backs up until recently was there was no nearby supermarket.

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