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Star Trek

Gesture-Based Computer Interface on the Enterprise in Star Trek's 1964 Pilot

Think the idea of gesture-based computer interfaces is new? Prepare to be blown away... here is Spock using a gesture with the Enterprise computer in the **1964** pilot episode, "The Cage"... that's half a century ago!

E=mc² and Star Trek

Ever noticed that when people walk into their quarters on the Enterprise (ST:NG) they first thing they usually say is "Computer: lights". Why are they off in the first place? Does it matter at all if they just leave them on all the time (except to sleep, of course)? They are constantly converting matter to energy and back (replicators, transporters, etc.) On the Enterprise-D there are 400-odd people eating three replicated meals a day, not to mention all the other energy consumption... and yet they turn the lights out when they leave the room.

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