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Startling Stories 1952

Illustration by Peter Poulton for "Proposal" by L. Sprague de Camp, Startling Stories, Novermber 1952.

Some Thoughts on the Unlikelihood of Conspiratorial Alien Visitors

The Basics

Let me start by glossing over some of the classic arguments against extraterrestrial visitors:

Reptard Flashback

I just found out that Yahoo! will be closing down Geocities permanently in the very near future. My first thought was, "Now what will Reptard do?"

I decided to take a look at my favourite paranoid schizophrenic's website for the first time in a few years and, as ever, was highly amused.


I really don't have time for people who think the world is run by reptilian troglodytes. I just quietly unsubbed Reptar and his faithful sidekick from van-goth and blocked them on my SMTP server. I've got better things to do than referee flame-wars started by paranoid delusionals.

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