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San Francisco 1983

Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco.

There were four rolls of film in my dad's old box of pictures that had never been developed. I took three of them in to London Drugs (the fourth will have to go to specialist photo lab since it's not standard C-41 process film). One came out completely blank. Two had pictures on them. This is the first one I scanned.

These photos are from a road-trip I took with my dad to California in the summer of 1983, just after my 16th birthday...

It's just point-and-click...

My legs are very stiff today (and I'm sure they will be worse tomorrow). Why? As I work through the photos from last night it's apparent that in about a couple hundred of them I was kneeling or crouching to get the letters in. That's a couple hundred sustained half-squats, plus a half dozen trips up and down three stories worth of stairs, plus the awkward walk home pushing all my gear. Because photography is easy. 


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