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Everything You See is a Composite


Your eyes don't work like you (likely) think they work. As you look at the world your eyes and brain are constantly adjusting to different light levels, different light temperatures, changing the focus, and ignoring lens distortions and other anomalies.

A portion of my "day-job" photography involves making images of art installations at the gallery where I work and affiliated galleries where we participate in presentations. What I do to make these images look "right" goes unnoticed, because it's designed to. I only want you to see in the image what you would see with your eyes in the gallery. However, doing that with a camera is not as straightforward as point-and-shoot.

Anacortes, WA 1976

There were four rolls of film in my dad's old box of pictures that had never been developed. I took three of them in to London Drugs (the fourth will have to go to specialist photo lab since it's not standard C-41 process film). One came out completely blank. Two had pictures on them. This is the second one I scanned.

The images are from a swim-meet at at Fidalgo Pool, Anacortes, Washington. Spring (May or June) 1976. This film sat undeveloped for 37½ years. It's pretty amazing that it came out all!


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