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Taking Advantage of the Camera

I should have thought of this earlier. The IR light coming through and the fact that my replacement for the IR-cut filter does not have the same visible tint was throwing the white balance off. I forgot the camera has a manual white balance control. Setting off a white piece paper I can wholly compensate for the magenta shift in colour in-camera:

Next I'll be Making a Radio from Coconuts

The replacement for the conductor ribbon I ripped in the course of removing the infra-red low-pass filter from my old camera arrived today. It was no big deal to replace and within minutes I had a fully-functional camera again. Then I went on to cobble this together:

And just what is this thing? Why, it is a slide holder containing a piece of exposed colour negative (black to the naked eye) duct-taped to a chunk of toilet paper tube, of course. And just why would I do such a thing?

Because the circumference of a toilet paper tube happens to be just the same as the barrel of the lens on my old camera, making it the perfect way to hold the black piece of exposed negative in front of the lens.

And what possible use is that?

Well, it turns out that exposed colour negatives may be black to the naked eye, but they are transparent to infra-red.

Seeing Things Differently

You'd think that with the new camera, my old one wouldn't be that useful anymore. Not so! I made a slight modification to it today and now it sees infra-red light:

Up and Down

Looking down from a landmark building. See if you can guess the city before following the cut. The picture under the cut is looking up from the opposing angle this one is looking down from, from the position of the crosswalk you can see at the top edge of the frame at the centre.


Elaine and I were out for a little while today and I did a little experimenting with the new toy. These were the best two images from the day:

More long-overdue pictures from Chicago

Into the Art Institute of Chicago, starting with the arms and armour display:

Chicago Stairway

I know I promised to put my other pictures from Chicago that aren't in my C10 gallery up and have yet to get around to it. So, here we go:


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