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Lotus Notes

Initialize a Null NotesDocumentCollection

There are times when it is handy to start will a null collection in a NotesDocumentCollection., for example when you want to add documents to a collection programmatically based on something other than selected documents in a view.

Two good methods for doing this are:

Method 1:
Dim session As New NotesSession
Dim db As NotesDatabase
Dim collection As NotesDocumentCollection
Set db = session.CurrentDatabase
Set collection = db.GetProfileDocCollection("The name of a non-existent profile document")


Summary of Qualifications
15 years professional experience in computer technology, with particular emphasis on communication, collaboration and web technologies ● Exceptional English language skills ● Experienced Systems Administrator and IT Manager ● Project management and development skills ● Demonstrated experience in successfully planning, organizing and leading within deadlines and under budget ● Graphic design skills ● Creative problem solver and both a critical and lateral thinker

Dismal, Dull, and Boring

Blah. I have to write a trouble log for a pilot project here at work. I can't even begin to imagine why there isn't a database for this sort of thing, this is precisely what Lotus Notes was invented for. It used to be called Lotus Support Notes for chrissake. I have a database for this at home. Of course I can't get to it because of the freaking firewall.

"Hi, Michael? Can you jump through these hoops, please? Do you mind if we tie your feet together first?"


It works. Now I can happily update my journal throughout the day and then quickly and easily upload my entries at the end of the day from home so there aren't any incriminating entries in the proxy reports. I've got all the features: picture selection, mood selection, even public/friends/private security. Hehe! Such a geek!

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Second test, problem with moods...

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This is the first test of my new offline Notes-based client.




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