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Earth Apple

If the world were reduced to the size of an apple, the crust of the earth—the solid ground and seemingly immutable mountains that we take for granted—would be thinner than the apple's skin. Below that, a seething sphere of liquid rock diabolically roiling at a searing 1,000 °C (give or take 300 °C.) In reality our "solid ground" is the pudding skin on fiery death. When it skids a tiny bit or slight wisps of nearly nothing breathe through, these are the disasters that level cities and the magically minded point to as the power of omnipotent gods.

Some Thoughts on the Unlikelihood of Conspiratorial Alien Visitors

The Basics

Let me start by glossing over some of the classic arguments against extraterrestrial visitors:

Science in a Nutshell.

Here are four cards:

The hypothesis has been made that, "All cards with a vowel on one side have an odd number on the other side." 

What card or cards must you turn over to test the hypothesis?

One wish for my birthday

First, I want to thank everyone who has sent my happy birthday wishes and everyone who came out for my party on Sunday. I had a marvellous time. All the gifts were lovely and those that were buying me drinks succeed in getting me thoroughly plastered. Thank you all.

Now that it is actually my birthday, I'm sorry to report I am so far not having a good day. I took the day off work to relax and I am anything but relaxed at the moment, which brings me to my one wish for my birthday at this point:

May I never have to suffer the illogic of others again.

Of course I may as well wish for immortality, world peace, and the abolition of taxes.

Don't you hate it when... know more about a problem than the person who is supposed to fix it?

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