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Internet kitsch

I'll Tell You How This Can Be True.

I've seen this "paradox" on the web many times now in more than one language and I've yet to see anyone posting the solution. The fact that it keeps getting reposted leads me to believe that people actually think this is a genuine paradox when in fact it doesn't take more than grade 8 math to figure out what is "wrong" (although, admittedly, it isn't obvious at first glance).

2010 Winter Olympics Run Amok

Suggest your caption in the comments.

Some starters:

Thrift Store Art Gallery

Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you the Bill Davenport's collection of thrift store paintings. Go visit. The power of kitsch compels you.

Oringinal post:

Sent to me by my friend Brenda

Following the Chaps man....

The naked hairy man in buttless chaps, that is...

"That is so NOT right.."

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