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Internet culture

Hazardous Chemicals in the Hands of the Chemically Hazardous

So a well-meaning friend shared a post from one of those "kemikuls r bad / big-pharma keeps us sick for profit / magical diluted fairy water cures cancer" type pages, which in turn was a link from a similarly themed website. The link was to an article titled "3-Ingredient Natural Grout and Tile Cleaner – keeps tiles spotless & grime-free without chemicals" and was presented on the page along with this caption:

My First Daily Deviation

I'm happy to say I got my first DailyDeviation today for this image from the Sin City promo shoot at Celebrities last November.

Look Out for the Pointy Bit

The Pub (*beta)

I've been working on a brilliant idea for a social networking site. It's revolutionary. I call it "The Pub."

Thanks to the miracle of convergent technologies you don't even need a desktop computer, you can use your cell phone or even a land-line. Send someone a text message or use a voice call and invite them to "The Pub."

Why I Hate The Internet

I swear the Internet is robbing me of intelligence. I try to avoid running in the special olympics, but just the very act of reading though and looking at the volume of mediocre crap to find the occasional gem is rotting my mind. It's the mental equivalent of black-lung. Tiny particles of idiocy are piling up in the corners of my mind, forming into dust-bunnies of stupidity. The dunce-bunnies are arming themselves with the armour from pencil-drawn Manga-style anthropomorphic horse and kitty warriors from deviantART.

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