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Today's Vancouver Province

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Today's Surrey Vancouver Province (p. C2):

"Mike Halford, Jason Brough. Lobbying to make Pedobear an Official Olympic Mascot"

Illustration for #3 on the Top 5 Things We Hope Nobody Says During the Olympics:

"The last known group shot of the Olympic mascots. Sumi's missing, Quatchi's in jail, but no is talking to Pedobear. —"

And in other news, Canada Wins Gold in Men's Falling Head-Over-Heels on Slushy Piles of Snow and Pretending that You Meant To Do It

It looks like that $110 million in federal tax money spent to make sure we didn't embarrass ourselves by not getting a gold medal at our own Olympics for the third time paid off. Go, Revenue Canada, Go!

Seriously, though, well done, Alex Bilodeau!

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