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goth-block fire

Nine months later...

Tomorrow will be exactly nine months since the fire, things are still a long way from normal in the building.
The hall in on our floor. The ceilings are finally done and they have begun to paint. The walls were primed today.

A Taste of Things to Come

The third floor hallway, which is a little further along than our hall. I'm looking forward to the old red carpet being ripped out.

Further adventures in fire restorations

The asbestos shack has been gone for a while. New wiring has been run to all the apartments now and they have begun to work on the new ceiling. Note the exit sign hanging by wires. It's just so "Blade-Runner".

Attention to detail?

I couldn't see this from the angle of the camera this morning. The morons Shaw from ran black cable along the wall, drilled an utterly sloppy hole, not through a wall, but through the crown molding above the living room door and set a hideous external box on the wall. It is an abysmal job. It looks like crap. The cable isn't even taught. The temporary cable I ran from the old box to the T.V. is done better. Not only that they left an empty doughnut box and a bunch of empty paper coffee cups in the hall. I'm furious. These guys are going to get an earfull from me tomorrow.

And now...

The further adventures of the crazy old goth couple living in the burn-out building with their cats...

They are working on the water damage in the apartment across the hall from us so this is what we see outside our door:


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