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digital art

Time Travelers' Bazaar, 2016
6 images
35mm stereoscopic photograph, digital composite photograph, digital animation from 35mm film, digially manipulated photograph, photograph.

Punks v2, 2006
digitally manipulated drawing.

Another Gothified Mucha

Another "Gothified" Mucha for Gothic BC. This one was considerably more work than the first one since the source image was a very small, very heavily compressed JPEG. The original I started with was a little smaller than this and the finished product is four times larger than this. In order to deal with the nasty compression artifacts the entire image was essentially redrawn / repainted.

I'll be putting this on some Zazzle gear tomorrow evening and maybe offering up a version without the logo for prints.

An Amaranthine Apparition

Photomanipulation based on an infrared photo of Lady Amaranth.

Prints available at deviantART:

3 DJ's

Larger versions of the three DJ drawings I made for my birthday invite/flyer:


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