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customer (dis)service

You May Not Have What We Said You Could Have

Once again I dabbled into the insufferable realm of actually thinking I could get what I asked for from one of the giant telecoms. 

I have an old phablet that I use strictly as a tablet. I don't want or need a phone, but there are no true tablets that meet the "fits in my coat pocket" criteria that makes the device something useful I can carry around all the time. I've been using it for several years now without a valid SIM card, just using WiFi. 

How to Lose a Customer

I had a regular check-up booked with my (former) dentist in November. With my whooping cough, I had to cancel that. I explained that it would be *months* before I could lie back with someone poking about in my mouth without coughing myself in to unconsciousness or vomiting. They have continued to nag me about my appointment and I explained again and again and AGAIN the nature of this disease and that I would contact them when I was well enough to tolerate a cleaning without a paroxysmal coughing fit.

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