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500 Years After an Alien Invasion

Imagine a post-apocalyptic world in 2513. Unknown to us here and now, aliens first visited a remote part of the planet in 1992. The aliens were just exploring and didn't really have any nefarious plans, in fact they were on their way to go trade with some other aliens and kind of ended up here by accident. They poked around a bit in the small corner of the globe they landed on, took some samples, did a little surveying, said “hi” to the rather surprised locals and then traded some of their stuff for some of the locals' stuff.

Thoughts on Multi-national Corporations

Corporations are not free and private enterprise, they are governments. They are states unto themselves, and collectivist ones at that, beholden to their shareholder citizen-owners, run by plutocratic oligarichical dynasties, constantly at war with each-other. They organized like feudal states, where only those that have part ownership have the right to vote. The shareholders are the House of Lords, the Directors the Royal Family and the CEO is King. Unions are the House of Commons, if there is one.

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