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Lunar New Year

It bugs me when Chinese New Year is called "Lunar New Year" (as the City of Vancouver is wont to do). Areas with large populations of Chinese ex-pats follow lock-step with the timing as it applies to the Chinese time zone, so calling it "Chinese New Year" is wholly appropriate. In the smattering of countries that officially use the exact mechanism of Chinese calendar outside of China occasionally the day for the beginning of the year is different because local time causes the first new moon after the winter solstice to fall on a different day.

[Gothic BC] Upcoming Events on the Home Page

I'm not sure if I will keep this or not, but for now I'm trying out having events upcoming in the next couple of days float to the top of the list on the home page. This is a little redundant to the "Upcoming Events" block at the bottom of every page, but not entirely. Any opinions?

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[Gothic BC] Latest Fixes and Updates

I've repaired a few problems with the new site

  • Replies to forum posts and comments on images and other pages are showing now. 
  • Early Adopters and Paid Users can make blog posts again
  • Some glitches with the new Album/Upload feature have been fixed (still need to write instructions for this, though)
  • The feed aggregator is back - lots of eye-candy, reviews from ID:UD and more
  • Ads are hidden for Early Adopters and Paid Users

And on the "new" side of things:

[Gothic BC] New Photo Gallery Feature

O.K., so I didn't get to posting pictures tonight, but I added a new feature to the photogallery!

[Gothic BC] The Calendar is Broken

Poop. It seems the calendar isn't working properly on the live site, yet is working just fine on the development site. It's a bit too late (or early) for me to figure out WTF is different. Hopefully it isn't a big deal and it's just because I'm tired that it isn't obvious to me right now.

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