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[Gothic BC] Latest Fixes and Updates

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I've repaired a few problems with the new site

  • Replies to forum posts and comments on images and other pages are showing now. 
  • Early Adopters and Paid Users can make blog posts again
  • Some glitches with the new Album/Upload feature have been fixed (still need to write instructions for this, though)
  • The feed aggregator is back - lots of eye-candy, reviews from ID:UD and more
  • Ads are hidden for Early Adopters and Paid Users

And on the "new" side of things:

  • The completely new calendar has been fleshed out. The new calendar features integration with the forums - event listings in the calendar also show up as forum topics that can be commented on and dicussed.
  • There is new a "Friends Content" view showing only content posted by people in your friends list.
  • Friend requests show in a block on the right side of the page. 

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