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2010 Olympics

BBC Winter Olympics Ad

Amazing! This is exactly how we live in Canada. I mean, I was just out in my parka killing giant, spectral ice-bears with a curling stone just last week.

Yeah, OK, I admit it: it is a pretty cool ad. It reminds me of "Samurai Jack."

Damage Control? Shades of Google China? There Ain't Nothing Money Can't Buy

I'm not sure what to make of this.

If you Google "vancouver 2010 mascots" (without the quotes) on Google.COM these are the results:

Top Google News result (currently a story on the Pedobear mixup)

Top four image results

The official mascot page

My blog post with Pedobear

How do you think I should answer this one

> Hi Michael I’m a huge fan of the new mascots! And I was
> wondering were you got the idea do make sumi? He’s just
> such a cool mix of animals with his orca hat.
> Thanks your fan,
> Meg

Stupid overload... Resisting temptation to be incredibly sarcastic...

"Well, Meg, have you ever read The Island of Dr. Moreau?..."

/me explodes in a simultaneous *headdesk* and ROFL

A "Press Kit" of Sorts

These are my responses to an e-mail interview this morning:

1) Why did you originally draw pedobear next to the mascots? Was it just for laughs, or to make a statement?

OK, Let's Hear It.

Why do you think the Olympics are a good thing for Vancouver? Or if not, why not?

Oringinal post:

It's Snowballing

I just got off the phone with Jason Proctor from CBC Radio One. Expect to hear me on the news at 4:30 or 5:30 today.

I hope he doesn't use too much of a sound bite. From having been interviewed on the CBC before, I don't much the way I sound on the radio.

Oringinal post:


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