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Michael R. Barrick's blog

Trish won't read this because it is too long.

I am tired and bored. If I could fly away tomorrow I would. I'm sure some of this will pass as I get more caffeine into me and feel a little less like killing everyone in the office so I can get a nap before the police show up. It's not that my job is boring, in fact it seems to be becoming less boring.

Get a paid account

LJ has been working great for me since I coughed up for a paid account (I figure it's only fair to pay for something I like so much). Now DeadJournal is fucking up more than LJ.

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Hating Vancouver

All the good ones are gay or taken.

Oringinal post:

Damn Americans

OK, there is the caffufle with the whole "runaway production" thing where the Americans are whining about film production being done in Canada because it is cheaper to do here. My reaction to this is a big Pierre Elliot Trudeau one-finger salute pointed south. Our film industry has been hobbled since the 1920's thanks to our unwilling inclusion in the American film distribution system's "domestic" market.

Bloody office politics

I'm trying to judiciously word an e-mail to say that I can finish a project in a week if I am left alone to do it, but it will take a month if I have to hand-hold either of the less-experienced developers through the process.

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What it looks like when I am trying

A design I did in 1997 for a Celtic band called "Corryvrecan"

Corryvrecan is the name of a whirlpool in Scotland, thus the boat and the distortion.

After work doodle from tonight

What happens when you spend the whole day listening to Natalie MacMaster


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