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I must do something creative today

I feel completely useless, completely unproductive and so completely without merit that I can't imagine why anyone would so much as give me the time of day.

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Fuck everything

Some days are better than others

OK. Last night I met up with Brenda at the pub and had a great time. Jessica (not, Trish's Jessica, a different one) suddenly appeared with a bunch of her friends. We all sat together and has a lovely time at Þe olde pub. I was very happy to be introduced to a couple of Jessica's friends whom I had noticed before. Friday redeemed itself and ended well.


What an annoying day. I can't wait to meet Brenda at the pub and bitch away my angst over a few pints Guinness.

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New Victim Required

Happy Dance

A small quote from my old boss at BCRI about my prospects at Azure:
I'm also a shareholder, not to mention an insider share holder, in this company - so I care a great deal about its future. BCR is also its main shareholder and sits on the Board. I expect I will provide some technical direction to Azure for some months if not longer.

Technical you'd be a great fit for most, if not all, of the work. And I wouldn't mind working with you again either.


OK. I meant to write a long post about what is really bothering me, I started to... I fretted over the words for an hour and half, then I deleted everything. I can't do it. I'm afraid to do it. It just doesn't feel like anything anyone wants to hear. Not from me, anyway. So it stays between me and my cat, Tharsis.

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Some days surprise you

Despite being up a little too late and still being a little sick, today has actually gone by rather quickly. Very quickly, in fact. It's not that I have had anything unusually interesting to do today or anything like that. It's really just been a perfectly ordinary Monday. This is both surpising and a good thing.

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