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The Daily Colonist, December 19, 1914

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#dailycolonist1914 - News out of Victoria, British Columbia, 100 years ago today.

[The freaking-out over the German shelling of three English coastal cities is now over, and the news has returned to "normal". The news from the western front is the same—fighting near Ypres, British ships shelling the coast, all with gains and losses measured in yards. Meanwhile on the eastern fronts the news from Germany, Austria, Russia and Serbia is full of contradictions, with both sides claiming victories. The interesting news from abroad is what was exotic in 1914: technology, the Ottoman Empire and the Middle East, Africa, and the Far East. There are also some local stories "today" that are interesting.]

  • News of a "flotilla" of aeroplanes on a bombing run in Germany
  • The British administration appoints a new Sultan of Egypt, displacing the Ottoman Khedive. France, which had tried to conquer Egypt at the beginning of the 19th century, relinquishes all claims and recognizes the British protectorate, with the British reaffirming their acknowledgement of the French protectorate of Morocco.
  • The kings of Norway, Sweden and Denmark meet to align their foreign policies regarding the war.
  • [Meanwhile, on the moon] Fighting on the boundary of British Nigeria and German Cameroons [Cameroon] with the British getting control of a railway in the German colony.
  • Hearsay filler story that it is being reported in Germany that Germany has annexed Canada [which is really just propaganda for Canadians to feel like the news form the British Imperial and Canadian Dominion governments is trustworthy.]
  • Japan strongly considering keeping former German territory in China, claiming that the deal to return the territory to China was contingent on Germany giving up Tsing Tau and the surrounding territory without a fight.
  • [A story about Galt, Ontario officially incorporating as a city that is interesting for the dateline: "BERLIN, Ont. Dec. 18.—"Berlin" is Kitchener, ON. The city will be changing its name because of this war.]
  • The Canadian Northern Railway is to be billed for work needed to clear Hell's Gate of rubble from a landslide caused by C.N.R. construction blasting. The landslide and blockage was cleared by government for fear that it would adversely impact the Fraser salmon run.
  • The passenger ferry to Nanaimo from Vancouver, C.P.R. "pocket liner" Princess Patricia, accidentally backed into another ship while leaving [these ferries left from the C.P.R. wharf which was pretty much exactly where the Olympic torch sits now. Where Cordova Street runs through that part of town now is where the cliff-face of the natural waterfront was and the tidal flats were built up as a railyard in the 1880's. The tunnel that the SkyTrain uses now was dug in the 1930's so trucks could move between the C.P.R. wharves in Coal Harbour and the railyards on False Creek without having to deal with downtown traffic.]
  • Meeting of Irish in New York shows strong anti-English feeling and support for Germany. 
  • Mandatory registration for subjects of German, Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman Empire is extended to December 31. 
  • Alien registration notice in the classified section reflects the new deadline mentioned in the above noted article.

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