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The Daily Colonist, November 13, 1914

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#dailycolonist1914 - The news out of Victoria, British Columbia, 100 years ago today.

Another slow news day. On the one hand there are reports that the Germans are completely unable to advance on Allied Anglo-French troops on the Western Front, that Russian troops have the German and Austro-Hungarian troops in total retreat and are advancing all but unopposed in Turkey. How can the war possibly last much longer? 

  • One headline article claims that a "Critical Stage Near at Hand" and that there will be a major developement on the Western Front near Ypres any moment now.
  • Meanwhile it is revealed that the Germans are printing counterfeit Russian money for circulation in Russia to undermine their economy.
  • Germans are also revealed to be heavily involved in various metal mining operations in Australia, with many apparently British operations actually backed by German owners. An unknown amount of money and material from Australia is going to Germany.
  • Meanwhile, in Westminster, parliament is being lobbied to approve the raising of an additional 1,000,000 troops (which would theoretically double the size of the army, not account for casualties)... so really, how well can the war be going?
  • The same article goes on to talk about German spies in Britain and the position of Labour leaders regarding the war.
  • Armenians are said to be aiding the Russians and hoping for an independent Armenian state after the war [what they will get is organized genocide].
  • German apologists in the United States are said to be conveniently ignoring actual facts and making up false motives for the war. Apparently there are fears in America of the creation of a Pan-Slavic unified Balkan state becoming a threat to the U.S., and fears of the "Yellow Peril", i.e. being overrun by east Asians, and that backing Germany in the war is the best way to combat these threats. 
  • Ecuador and Colombia are accused of breaches of neutrality by Britain and France, but no specifics are given.
  • On the shipping page is a list of all British merchant ships known to have been sunk by Germans.

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