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The Daily Colonist, November 12, 1914

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#dailycolonist1914 - News out of Victoria, British Columbia, 100 years ago today.

Not much substantial about the war that I can see today. Not much news at all, really.

  • Praise for the Australian navy from New Zealand and Canada
  • Broughton Strait (the straight between Malcolm Island, where Sointula is, and Port McNeill, and where Cormorant Island, home to Alert Bay, is) is closed. Any ships in the strait risk being fired upon. No reason is given.
  • Oh, hey, Luxembourg! Forgot about them. Still officially neutral, but occupied by Germany and completely surrounded by Germany and German occupied Belgium and German occupied France, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is paid indemnity for the damage done by the passage of German troops through the country, but the citizenry is showing signs of deeply resenting the occupation.
  • The Mexican civil war has flared up again. 
  • But it's all O.K., because Weller's Home Outfitters has your Christmas gift problem sorted, with things like a tea wagon for $22.50. [Remember the ad I shared a while back for a 5-room apartment renting for $15/mo.? In the classified this day there is a 7-room house in Fairfield for $17.50/mo... lovely illustration, though.]

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