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The Daily Colonist, November 5, 1914

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#dailycolonist1914 - News out of Victoria, British Columbia, 100 years ago today:

News from the European fronts seems like more of the same, today [although some of it is hard to read because of a bad scan, I may have missed something interesting], and the most interesting war news is from the Ottoman Empire:

  • Britain bombards Jeddah, the port city and principal access point Mecca, and the supposed burial place of Eve (as in "Adam and Eve") and is also bombarding forts in the Dardanelles.
  • Egypt is reported to be loyal to the British Empire and it is reported the the Ottoman Empire has no designs on Egypt (despite the story on the 1st that the Ottoman Empire has claimed authority over Egypt). Another story [not reproduced here] says that insurance rates for ships passing through the Suez Canal have not gone up, owing to the canal being well protected by British troops.
  • Russian troops have entered Turkey from the north. 
  • The Turkish ambassadors have been recalled from England and France.
  • Several Turkish ministers have resigned in protest of entering the war.

Meanwhile, closer to home, in the Washington state elections:

  • Four Republican and one Democrat congressmen have been elected,
  • Prohibition has passed 52% to 48% and the law will go into effect January 1, 1916, 
  • A proposed law to limit the work day to eight hours is defeated 2:1, and
  • A proposed amendment to the state constitution forbidding non-U.S. citizens from owning property in cities passes by a large majority.

And in Canada:

  • A retired Canadian officer from Guelph who was arrested in England recently due to his German surname has decided to change his name from Schultze to his wife's maiden name of Hastings.
  • Sir William Otter has been appointed to lead the work regarding the registration and internment of "alien enemies" "to guard the country and Empire from danger from the possible presence of Austrians and Germans" [the result of which is ultimately why I, like Capt. Schultze above, have an English surname rather than a Hungarian-Ukrainian one.]
  • Two separate incidents of attempted sabotage against the Grand Trunk Railway, one near Toronto and the other near Montréal, and an anonymous letter is received in Montréal claiming that German-Americans are organizing a raid against Canada.
  • A C.P.R. train is derailed by a landslide outside Hope and falls into the Fraser river. The engineer and fireman are killed, but the brakeman survives uninjured.

Also of Canadian interest:

  • King George V and Queen Mary inspect Canadian troops currently camped on Salisbury Plain.

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