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The Daily Colonist, October 27, 1914

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#dailycolonist1914 - The news out of Victoria, British Columbia, 100 years ago today:

It's difficult to tell what is important on the European fronts today. The Germans are still failing to advance on along the coast of Belgium and France. The Russians are still pushing the Germans and Austrians out of [what is now] Poland. There are reports that the Germans are suffering from starvation and a lack of cigarettes in the trenches, may of which are flooded (which makes one wonder about the state of the British and French trenches) and the there is much fighting at bayonet-point (which makes one wonder how well supplied with ammunition both sides are). 

  • Pictures of the city of Ypres on the font page
  • Remember how this all started? The assassins and accomplices in the killing of Archduke Ferdinand have been found guilty in court in Sarajevo. Sentencing will be pronounced tomorrow.
  • The Italian navy has sent ships to Albania on a relief mission. 
  • The situation in South Africa seems complicated, with German support of Boer rebels. 
  • Second force of Canadian troops to be sent overseas will be better trained than the first bunch (now receiving additional training in their camp on Salisbury Plain.)
  • Three articles recounting the tale of arctic explorers on the H.M.C.S. Karluk, which got trapped in the sea ice and was subsequently crushed and sunk last January. [The Wikipedia article on the "Last Voyage of the Kalruk" has the pictures shown in the paper, plus several more. As a government-sponsored exploratory expedition, there was a photographer on board.]

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