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The Daily Colonist, October 25, 1914

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#dailycolonist1914 - News out of Victoria, British Columbia, 100 years ago today. 

A lot of interesting stuff in the paper "today" and I am a bit late getting this up.

  • Front page feature map of "Extreme Left in Western Theatre" where the Germans are still unable to push forward toward the French ports on the English Channel.
  • Meanwhile on the Eastern Front, the Russians have the Germans and Austrians on the run. 
  • Enemy aliens in Canada are becoming a "hard problem" since they cannot find work because no one will hire them and they cannot leave the country because of travel restrictions. [The "solution" will be concentration camps and forced labour building things like Banff National Park.]
  • British forces in the Pacific and Africa are taking over many German colonies, securing shipping and cutting off German supplies and communication.
  • American insurance companies whining about having to pay out life insurance policies on dead soldiers. 
  • Gilbert and Sullivan revival at Royal Victoria theatre much anticipated. Photo of cast of "H.M.S. Pinafore" featured.
  • Meanwhile "The Great Question" to play at the Pantages. "The Great Question" being, "Are society women who paint their faces and dress immodestly really to pitied if they are insulted in the streets?"  [This, plus last week's black face minstrel act really brings home that the some things really have improved in the last hundred years.]
  • Full page feature on "The Submarine" [too much to reproduce in full]
  • Scenic photos of Salisbury Plain where Canadians are camped for training, including a picture of Stonehenge.
  • Half page article by Sir Ernest Shackleton on the provisioning of his trans-Antarctic expedition.
  • [Amazingly patronizing] Article on the "Eskimos and Indians" living in the far north.
  • The usual excellent summary of the week's events in the children's section including several events I haven't already covered [and just imagine a children's section of a newspaper today starting out with "The death of the Marquis de San Giulano" and ending with "Not so much has been heard this week about cholera in Galicia."]
  • And the ads that caught my eye.

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