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[Gothic BC] 20,000 Photos!

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The 20,000th photoLadies and gentlemen, I give you the 20,000th picture on Gothic BC:

I started this site nearly 10 years ago now and as of the last batch of pictures posted from the Descent 1-year Anniversary with Voltaire, I crossed the 20,000 mark.

Gothic BC officially turns 10 years old November 1, 2008 and I have been talking to Isaac (Sanctuary's DJ Pandemonium) about having a little celebration in November to mark the occasion. Details still have to be worked out, but you can bet we'll be collaborating on some visuals that will make use of this vast store of images.

Even though the site is "only" ten years old, the photo gallery actually has images going all the way back to 1985. This is it, this is the visual archive of the gothic scene and related alternative culture. You won't find an archive like this on Facebook or MySpace (can you even find the pictures that friend of your friend posted from two weeks ago?).

Think of it this way, when I put this site up the youngest people legally getting into the bar right now were nine. When the oldest picture on this site was taken those same people were still four years away from being born, their parents probably hadn't even met yet!

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