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Red Chair Project

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I want to make a series of photos of individuals done up in their best outfits (club clothes, work clothes, "Sunday best", etc. - however they feel "best dressed") sitting in this chair against this backdrop, starting with my friends. The photographs are intended to both stand on their own as visual art and I also plan to do a series of matching paintings. Participants will get a CD of all their photos, a 13" x 19" print of the photo of their choice from their set, and if I make a painting from one of the photos, the participant will also get a similarly scaled (dimensions may vary) print of the painting. Participants will be asked to sign a model-release.

Anyone interested? I've got to do a little more work refinishing the chair but I'd like to kick off the project Sunday, July 31st (which also happens to be my birthday - if there is interest this could become a pre-Skank birthday/modelling party). Shoots can be scheduled on other days for people who can't make the 31st or would rather work without other people around.

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