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Murders and Executions

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I'm tired. Work is alternating between frantic and annoying. This past weekend all the executives trundled off to a weekend planning session with the consultants. Monday we were presented with the first wave of integration plans and some timelines, resulting in a flurry of work. Tuesday and most of today were involved in getting annoying old jobs off my to-do list and, since I am the groupware developer, setting up collaboration spaces for the integration teams. Yes, this is what I do. If you think it sounds lame, think again, Gothic BC is a collaboration space for a community, and you'd be surprised how much of my messing around with Gothic BC ends up getting incorporated at work. I like doing this stuff.

But then there is the annoying side of the same coin. Other than the nuts-and-bolts stuff that I like, there is a sea of political crap to navigate and other annoyances, like the two-day seminar thing I have to attend tomorrow and Friday.

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