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The Renovations Continue

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They've been installing the new carpets in the hall, a week later than they said, but whatever. As of yesterday all the floors exept ours had been done and the stairwell remains to be done. I'm hoping to go home to a freshly carpeted hall today. The colour they chose for the halls is a deep grey-brown; it's quite nice with the white trim and antique white walls. It will be nice to have the halls and stairs finished so that the interior will look nice and we can be done with the post-apocalyptic-chic.

Once the carpets are in the remaining restoration work on the building will be largely out of sight. The suite that burned and the one across the hall from it are still missing windows, but that's only noticable from the alley side of the building. Everything else remaining to be done is inside those two suites and the row of suites immediately below the burnt one (including Natalie's old apartment). But even those are nearly done.

Following that, perhaps overlapping a bit, there will be an upgrade (not a restoration) to the lobby. The long-ago closing of the oval light well, the addition of the elevator, the addition of a fire door, and an expansion of suite #1 (where the previous owner lived) left the lobby a little odd. The remaining pillar is going to be reuinited with its mate that was removed for the expansion of suite #1. That second pillar floated around the building for several years as people used it for decoration in their apartments. It's amazing that it was never thrown out and it was on the 4th floor during the fire and was saved when most everything else was thrown away. The now redundant fire-door on the first floor will be removed and the two pillars will flank a restored archway that was filled in for the fire door.

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