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I was just chatting with one of the bosses from the "restoration" company and he answered a lot of my questions about the terrible work without even meaning to. He was coming out of my old apartment and we talked briefly about what was being done in there. I mentioned how much better the bathroom looked and he said, "it's still terrible. Upstairs I got to do a complete makeover but down here I have to work around the old stuff like this tub [referring to the 100-year old, 7' long, clawfoot tub] - I'd rip it out if I could. And up there I could cover up these old windows [referring to the windows to the light-wells]." This is a restoration company? I asked him why he would want to rip out the tubs and he said it was because of the shower assemblies, that the old tubs weren't designed for shower curtains. I presume by that comment that the tubs on the fourth floor have been replaced with modern fiberglass pieces of crap, probably with sliding plastic doors or some such. Certainly not "restored".

I want to go up an see now and take some pictures. If I run into Janice I'll ask her.

I'm so glad we took this apartment when we did rather than waiting for one of the "restored" apartments on fourth floor like I had orginally planned on doing.

A few things that seem to have been forgotten in the 20th century:

Minimalism is not the only style, nor the best style.

Cheaper ≠ Better

Newer ≠ Improved

Popular ≠ Tasteful

Almost as good ≠ Good enough

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