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What a Dumbass

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Nor will we forget the citizens of 80 other nations who died with our own. Dozens of Pakistanis, more than 130 Israelis, more than 250 citizens of India, men and women from El Salvador, Iran, Mexico and Japan, and hundreds of British citizens.

What about us, George? What about that country that shares about 5,000 miles of border with you and represents nearly 50% of your foreign trade? What about the as yet undetermined 35-60 Canadians that were there? What about the estimated 200,000 Canadians in NYC right now? Way to go. Way to forget about your neighbours.

America has no truer friend than Great Britain.

Once again, we are joined together in a great cause.

I'm so honored the British prime minister has crossed an ocean to show his unity with America.

Thank you for coming, friend.

On Sept. 11, enemies of freedom committed an act of war against our country. Americans have known wars, but for the past 136 years they have been wars on foreign soil, except for one Sunday in 1941. Americans have known the casualties of war, but not at the center of a great city on a peaceful morning.

And way to show your ignorance of your own history, George. Nice how you praised the British and strategically failed to mention that it was them (and us) doing the attacking 136 years ago. Also way to forget about the Japanese landing on the Aleutian Islands. Did you forget about Alaska, George? That's part of the states too you know. Seems like you have a pretty major blind spot that starts at the 49th parallel. Idiot.

They hate what they see right here in this chamber: a democratically elected government. Their leaders are self-appointed.

And in case anyone's forgotten what happened in the last election, ain't this a fine example of the pot calling the kettle black? Here's a little reminder:

I'm all for going after the Taliban, it should have been done well before this. I'm just glad the Brits are involved to keep this idiot in line. Before the war really gets going, how about Giuliani for president? Or even Hilary Clinton? Or anybody with a brain.

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