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Welcome to my process

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So this is how it works with me:

  1. I get depressed about some aspect of my life.
  2. Then I get mad at everything for not being the way I want it.
  3. Then I dig around in my old stuff and find old things I did that I like.
  4. Then I get mad at myself for letting whatever is going wrong happen.
  5. Then I do something about it.
Yesterday I was moving from 2 to 3. I'm somewhere between 3 and 4 right now. This is a drawing I did in 1989. I stopped doing pencil crayon drawings when I started going to SFU. It was hard enough justifying painting to the theory-choked post-modern ultra-pretentious fuckheads I had to deal with. It's taken me years to get over art-school. Why did I let myself be influenced by people who couldn't even determine the mortality of Socrates from "All men are mortal" and "Socrates is a man" because they would be too caught up in protesting the "problematic" nature of the Eurocentricity of the reference to Classical Greece, the gender bias of the word "men" and the "problematic" nature of logic as a patriarchal construct as it was applied to the systematic oppression of "the other" in 19th century imperial colonialism? And if you think am exaggerating, you haven't been to art school.

I think I will invest in a nice box of Prismacolors when I get paid.

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