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I found my RJ11 crimping tool...

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Like that matters. But a nice little non-sequitur can be fun now and again. Not all the time of course, as some pseudo-intellectual types on the Van-Goth list seem to think. It gets so tiresome... another wave of new users, another wave of unedited one-line gibberish, tell people to read the FAQ and learn how to post, get a bunch of petulant "I should be allowed to do whatever I want [because I am so bloody clever]" whining, rinse, repeat. sigh

I had fun yesterday, other than the Loewen group wasting my time. I hiked into town for my 3 o'clock interview and that went well. The recruiter believes I'll be a good fit for the wireless place - they want young, hip, energetic people - and anyone else they've talked to with my experience has been totally square. It pays (in this case literally) to be yourself. They are building a small team and they've already hired someone with less than half my experience for $60K. I should get an offer of around $70 - 75K.

When I was walking home I ran into Epine and walked back into town with her. We went to Sam's to go bug Daevina, but she wasn't on the floor and then, since I was hungry went to Kitto on Granville so I could eat. We sat there and chatted for a while then it was time to head home and get ready for her birthday bash at Labyrinth.

After all this walking my feet were on the verge of blistering and hurt like hell so rather than hiking all the way across downtown again I called Evilyn to mooch a ride. She was also giving Pyxis and Lusus a ride. All things considered hanging around the club for the extra hour before opening and being stuck waiting around until after closing for a ride beat the hell out of walking. My feet are still sore. That's what I get for breaking my heel at Graceland... um... 11 years ago.

It was fun watching Epine get so completely hammered that she needed a puke-bucket at the end of the night.

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