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April 2012

Fugly Fibreglass

So the latest fugly fibreglass abominations have begun to appear around town and I want to understand this progression: Whales -> Bears -> Eagles -> Chinese People.

O.K., sure they copies of the terracotta warriors, but really what is the relevance of a fibreglass copy of a clay funerary statue of a 3rd century B.C. imperial Chinese soldier?

111126 Sin City, 2011
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Parade Passing the Banff Apartments

Parade passing in front of the Banff Apartments. Photograph by Jack Lindsay, Vancouver News-Herald.


Publications where my work has appeared

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  • 2018 - qeqən (house posts): A walking tour of Musqueam House Posts at the University of British Columbia, Jordan Wilson, Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • 2017 - Vancouver Special: Ambivalent Pleasures [ISBN 978-1-911164-27-2], London, UK
  • 2017 - To refuse/To wait/To sleep | M&A [ISBN 978-0-88865-265-2], Vancouver, BC