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November 2011

Know Your Meme

Video from
My modification of the Vancouver 2010 mascots can be seen at the 2:00 mark...

Amaranthine Apparition, 2007
digitally manipulated infrared photograph, digitally manipulated composite photograph, digital photograph, digially manipulated photograph, photograph, infra-red photograph.

Catwoman in the Lake City Art Museum, 2009
digitally manipulated composite photograph, digital photograph, photograph.

Punks v2, 2006
digitally manipulated drawing.

Remembrance... of the short end of the stick

It's Remembrance Day again. In some past years I've made posts about my father's service during WWII (2001, 2003 repost, 2005 repost, 2008) and at other times I've written about some of the horrors my mother and father survived during WWII. And one year I had a few things to say about why it's important to remember war. Let me reiterate and expand on those thoughts:

[Gothic BC] Hallowe'en has Come and Gone

Hallowe'en has come and gone again and I am tired. I made far less in sales this Hallowe'en than I have in previous years and have had far more "can you mail me the photos?" requests than I have in a while, so it may be time to remind everyone once again that I am not paid to operate the photo booth